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Protection class and Insulation class

Protection class labelling
Protection class labelling

Lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances have a housing that protects live parts from contact, moisture or other environmental influences. This protection depends on the respective area of application. In order to have an overview of the suitable application, all devices are assigned to a protection class and insulation class classified by VDE. The protection classes are specified according to DIN 40050

IP protection against contact and foregin objects

1st Digit Protection against contact Protection type against foreign objects
0 No protection No protection
1 Large body parts (e.g. back of the hand) Large foreign objects (Ø 50 mm)
2 Finger Medium foreign objects (Ø 12 mm)
3 Tools and wires (Ø 2.5 mm) Small foreign objects (Ø 2.5 mm)
4 Tools and wires (Ø 1 mm) Grain-shaped foreign bodies (Ø 1 mm)
5 Complete contact protection Dust accumulation
6 Complete contact protection Dust entry

IP degrees of protection for water

2nd Digit Protection type against water
0 No protection
1 Protection against vertically falling dripping water
2 Protection against dripping water falling at an angle (up to 15°)
3 Protection against spray water up to 60° against the vertical
4 Protection against splash water from all sides
5 Protection against jet water
6 Protection against strong water jets
7 Protection against temporary immersion
8 Protection against permanent immersion


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