Planning and Production Phases

Product development comprises all activities to solve the technical tasks that arise from the different phases of planning and production, from the idea to the market launch of a product. We would be pleased to support you in this.

1. Technical Specifications
Drafting of the technical specifications in accordance with the required specifications you have provided. The technical specifications specify which functions the circuit is to have later and which general conditions must be fulfilled (dimensions, standards, etc.).

2. Circuit Design
Based on the technical specifications, a circuit design is created in CAD. EMC protection measures, for example, are already taken into account at this early stage.

3. Layout Creation
Preparation of a printed circuit board layout taking into account the dimensions of the printed circuit board you have specified and the subsequent construction of a first laboratory sample.

4. EMC Measurements
Testing of the laboratory sample for EMC compatibility in our
EMC measuring cabin (required for subsequent CE marking).

5. Pilot Series Release
Laboratory samples including the complete documentation (circuit diagram, parts list, etc.) will be made available to you for approval. Quotation for the pilot series and series production is prepared.
You release the pilot series

6. Pilot Series Production
Preparation of all test equipment required for production as well as scheduling of the pilot series for production, production of the pilot series, 100 % inspection of the assembled printed circuit boards, evaluation of the test results.

7. Series Release
Delivery of the pilot series to you. You are provided with all measurement and test protocols that were created during pilot series production. You can carry out field tests with the circuit and then release the series production.

8. Series Production
Preparation of materials for series production, scheduling of series production with 100% inspection of the assembled printed circuit boards.