Our comprehensive fleet of machinery enables us to process a wide variety of orders efficiently and with high quality. The most important machines at a glance:

Full tunnel Wave-soldering machine

Our plant offers the best process reliability even at high outputs

Selective soldering unit

The highest positioning accuracy and process reliability

SMD Assembly Machine

New, multifunctional SMD assembly platform with the highest flexibility and number of feeders.

Our new, SMD placement machine "Europlacer / iineo2", which is the second of our growing SMD machine fleet, has two 12-fold placement heads and assembles 24,200 components in one hour according to IPC. The high number of intelligent feeders offers the possibility to assemble very complex printed circuit boards with a high component variance and also with very different component dimensions. The assembly of components with a leg spacing of 0.3 mm for QFP and 0.4 mm for µBGA, and also designs from 01005 to 50 x 50 mm, is easily made possible thanks to this technology.

Reflow soldering unit

Reflow and adhesive hardening system SEHO GoReflow 2.3: Ideal for small to medium series production for one- or two-sided reflow processes.
With a heating zone length of 2350 mm, the convection reflow soldering system Go Reflow 2.3 is ideally suited for small to medium production series. In addition to its appealing design, the soldering furnace is particularly impressive due to its sophisticated technical concept and excellent soldering results.With seven heating zones and an average working speed of 0.55 - 0.70 m/min, the system offers maximum flexibility for temperature profile design, especially for lead-free soldering processes. All components are soldered safely, while the temperature load on the components is significantly reduced. Fan cooling, which circulates ambient air, is used to cool the modules after the soldering process. Horizontal nozzles guarantee targeted air guidance and thus effective cooling of the printed circuit boards. In addition, the Go Reflow 2.3 has a modern control system with easy-to-program software and can also be integrated into an automatic production line.

Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards

For testing assemblies with mixed components. The system also enables the inspection of particularly high components