Repair service

After-sales service
Of course we also take over repairs of end devices, which were produced in the factory. We keep the appropriate spare parts in stock so that repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting through consistent data collection and evaluation
Bug reports are stored and analyzed in a database. This way, series defects can be detected that require an adaptation of the design or production.
•Repair of electrical, electromechanical and electronic devices
•Creation of repair databases with defined repair processes
•Handling and logistics of returned goods (RMA processes - Return Merchandise Authorisation)
•Reporting (e.g. devices, parts, throughput times, costs)

Optimal repair management processes
Rework of faulty printed circuit boards

If errors have occurred during PCB assembly, they are detected during the quality assurance stage.
 We control every step of production.
With AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) for example, we optically check whether all components of the printed circuit board are in the correct position. The ICT (In-Circuit Test) checks the conductivity of the components. Functional tests at the end of the production process provide information as to whether the circuits are working correctly.
If a fault is detected, the product and the fault report are sent to the repair department, which is located within production. There, the cause of the error is examined. The earlier a serial error is detected, the faster the reaction can be made. If reworking is possible, it is done manually at specially equipped workstations or mechanically with the aid of a rework Station.